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Posted by Manish Goyal on Friday, 5 June 2020

July 2024 – Dear Friends, Welcome to Multibagger® Securities Research & Advisory Pvt ltd (SEBI Registered Investment Advisor – Registration No. INA100007736)…..See Our Small Cap Multibagger® Stock Recommendations/Advice at the end of this page…. And to see my complete Past Performance, pls visit ‘Previous Calls Snapshot‘ page of this website. 

There is a saying in stock markets that if you want to make your broker rich, go for Intraday Trading/Short Term Investing… and if you want to make YOURSELF rich, go for long term investing in Quality Multibagger stocks…. If you came into Stock Markets to make wealth, it can be made only through long term Value Investing/Fundamental investing in Small Cap Stocks & Mid Cap Stocks….. Intraday traders/Short Term investors are like those who are picking pennies in front of a Road-Roller….. They will make few Rupees here and there for some time…. And then one day Road-Roller will come and Steamroll all of them in one go.

All the legendary investors of the world like Warren Buffet, George Soros, Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham etc are/were Value Investors/Fundamental Investors….You will not find a Intraday trader in the rich investors list… Warren Buffet bought Coca Cola thirty years back and he is still holding it !!….  Even Warren Buffett can’t predict prices in next 3 to 6 months….But new investors can not benefit by investing in these Buffett multibagger stocks now because now these stocks have multiplied hundreds of time…. If new investors want to make money, they will have to find new similar multibagger stocks which are at early stage of rise…. And this site is all about finding those stocks.

I am a Chartered Accountant (2005 qualified & rank holder).  Investing was my passion from beginning….After becoming CA, I worked as Finance Manager in one of top MNC in india for 4 years but then resigned from there also to pursue my passion…I am a Value Investor and believe in Fundamental Analysis……..I started investing since 2002 and have seen many Bulls and Bear cycle since then…. Found many multibagger undervalued small cap stocks & Mid Cap stocks at early stages … But I feel sad when I see retail investors following anyone who appears at TV or at other media and lose money… I will give you few sound investment principles which if you will follow in your life, you will do very good in stock markets —

(1) Investors should understand that it is not easy to find an undervalued stock…. Making money is not easy anywhere (and specially in stock markets)….. Millions of investors, FIIs, MFs etc are researching thousands of comapanies day in and day out…. When we find a 40 bagger stock like Chaman Lal Setia, it means we have beaten millions of investors, FIIs and MFs….. And it is not an easy task to beat so many people….. Very deep knowledge of Finance, Ratio etc is needed to find undervalued stocks…. And 99% investors do not have that deep financial knowledge except few basic things like PE, P/B etc ….. So instead of picking stocks yourself and burning your fingers, find a real expert with proven record….. When you are ill, you go to doctor…. when you are in legal trouble, you go to Lawyer….. Then why pick stocks yourself when it is not your field ?….. If book knowledge made great investors, then Librarians would be richest people on the earth…..There is much more to investing than what appears to naked eyes…. In Stock Markets, 99% people lose money and money lost by those 99% is grabbed by the remaining 1% investors…. But if you strictly follow that 1% category, then you also switch from 99% category to 1% category….There is a famous saying which investors should remember –‘If you do not know a Jewel… then Know the Jeweller..!!’

(2) Always invest according to FAIR VALUE of a share… I observed that most investors invest according to irrelevant criteria like `up from 52 week low`, `down from 52 week high`, `Technical Support and resistence` etc etc…. These all things are useless… Always find out what is FAIR VALUE of a share….and then if the share is trading at less than its FAIR VALUE,, then buy it… and if the share is trading above its FAIR VALUE,, then sell it… I see that if a share run up 30-40% in few day, then investors hesitate to buy it and wait for its coming down to invest it as if share price will come down just for that investor so that he can invest in….!!.. Instead the investors should just compare the CMP with its FAIR VALUE and then invest accordingly.

(3) Never buy on Margin…. Also never take bank loan to invest in Equity… Invest only that much cash in Equity which you do not need for the next 2 years atleast

(4) Do not fall in love with IPOs….. IPOs are generally overpriced.

(5) One strange thing I noticed is that if suppose a Rs 50 stock doubles in one month to Rs 100, that stock becomes their favorite and they become eager to invest at Rs 100…. The same investors were not investing in the same stock at Rs 50…. Investors should understand that if a stock doubles very quickly, it should become less attractive for investment….. Pls remember this quote of Warren Buffet–“ You should buy stocks in the way you buy grocery… not in the way you buy perfumes`…….. Also remember another quote of Warren Buffet– `Price is what you pay… value is what you get“

(6) Dont fall in love with only Blue Chip Companies if you came to stock markets to make wealth… Wealth is made in small cap stocks and mid caps stocks… When Rakesh Jhunjhunwala bought Titan, it was a small cap stock… Reliance is trading at 2,000 today… Do you think Reliance can become 20,000 in 3 years ??.. No way….. But QUALITY mid cap shares can multiply 10 or 20 times in few years…. For example, HDFC Bank took 15 years (2003 to 2018) to multiply 40 times (rs 50 to rs 2,000) but my stock Chaman Lal Setia took just 4 years (2014 to 2018) to multiply 40 times (rs 5 to rs 200)…..But I observed that investors track only blue chip companies and waste their Time and Money… Find out strong small cap and mid cap stocks and then hold them tight for years… If you have come to Stock markets, then you came for Multiply your money and not for 10-20% returns… If you want 10-20% returns, then there are other asset class like Bank FD etc.

(7) Another thing I observed is that when an investor buys a stock, he starts tracking the price immediately and expects the price to rise immediately as if the stock was waiting for his entry to rise….. Investors should concentrate on business performance instead of daily price movement….. If business does well, price will eventually follow.

(8) Also I observed that when a retail investor buys a stock and price rises even 10-15%, he sells the shares quickly and books profit… This mindset never allows them to make big money… Warren Buffet bought Coca-cola in previous century and he is still holding it… Had Buffett sold Coca-cola after just 20-30% profits, he would have been still a small investor…. Secret of Fundamental investing is that if you found a real gem then buy it and leave it for many not see its price daily… because if you will track its price daily then there will be a temptation to do something.

(9) One way to end up with $1 million is to start with $2 million and use technical analysis…..!!!… So dont focus too much on Technical Analysis….Fundamental analysis is the main science in stock markets to make money. …If one can make money by just following charts then the wealthiest people on this earth would have been Geometricians/chartists……To give you an example, on April 02, 2014 I gave buy call at fundamental pick – Chaman Lal Setia Exports (BSE 530307) when it was trading at 5.5 (considering split of 5:1 and Bonus after my call) … Now you look at the charts of Chaman Lal Setia Exports as on April 02,2014…. No Technical indicators at that time was saying that it will shoot up… But defying all technical signals, the stock was locked at Continuous Upper Circuit and Multiplied 41 times in less than 4 years.

(10) Don’t invest in Mutual Funds and Real Estate if you are looking for Multibagger returns….Mutual Funds have no history of giving Multibagger returns in 4 years…..After factoring in high inflation in India, real returns by Mutual funds are just 5% – 10% per year…. Future of Real Estate also does not look great after Demonetisation…. I think Real estate boom was driven by Black Money in the past…. In my view, Real Estate will not give much returns in next 5-10 years…. I will suggest you to sell your real estate property which you bought for investment and put that money in Quality Small Caps in stock market…..Commodity and Forex trading I consider as gamble instead of investing…..Biggest wealth in India in the next 5 years (2020-2024) will be made through Quality Long Term Equity Investments….. If you want to do SIP, then also you can do monthly SIP in the same quality small cap stocks for many years….From the point of view of quality of life also, Investing is best career because here your money works and you remain free…. What is the use of making big money/salary if you are bound to spend your day on a chair from 9 am to 6 pm ?… Only money is not important… You should have time also to enjoy that money…. And for how long you will keep on working for your boss to make him rich ?… Work for yourself.. Invest in Stock Market.

(11) You can make future of your children also through long term investing…. Invest 10-20 lacs in quality stocks for your little children…. Or if you do not have that much capital then you can do monthly SIP also in few strong quality small or mid cap stocks….That investment will take care of their education and marriage expenditure…. By 2026 Sensex can hit 1,00,000 (Yes, 1 Lac)…. In October 2013 when Sensex was at 19,000, I predicted that Sensex will touch 30,000 in 2 years (See ‘Previous calls at discussion Board’ Page)…. And Sensex did hit 30,000 in next 2 years…. there are still many small caps which can multiply 10-20 times by 2024 end…. Fundamental Stocks have very less correlation with Sensex/Nifty, which means that Fundamental stocks can multiply in long term even if Sensex doesn’t go up…. Because in Long term, Share prices are decided by earnings of a company and not by Sensex/Nifty….. If Earnings of a company keeps increasing at fast pace, share price will have to go up irrespective of levels of Sensex/Nifty…..In a bull market, retail investors hesitate to buy after a significant run up….And then they wait for a correction to enter (which never comes !)….Remember, Stocks are never too high to buy if general conditions are favourable.

(12) In Quality stocks, Averaging should always be done on downside instead of averaging on upside…. But please remember that Quality stocks are very less in stock market… and a stock does not become quality stock just because it is being recommended on TV or internet, or just because management is coming on TV and showing good order book/projections, or just because your broker is suggesting you to buy it, or just because company is posting good profits, or just because positive news is being flashed in the media about the company …. Never average JUST BECAUSE stock price has fallen because averaging in a bad company can cost you heavily…. It takes many years of experience and intelligence to identify quality stocks.

(13) Trading volumes of a stock has no relation with the potential of a stock….. Rather biggest multibaggers which I found are the ones in which volumes were low when the stock was in initial stage of its journey…. Also, there is a misconception among investors that penny stocks are bigger multibaggers than high value stocks…. This is not true… A 10 Rs stock can become 1 Rs and a 500 Rs stock can become 5000 Rs….. Secondly, A stock can look like low priced but its market cap may be in thousands of crores and on the other side, a stock can look like a high price stock but in fact its market cap may be just few hundreds of crores…. So while selecting Quality Small Cap stocks, focus on market capitalisation and not on absolute price of a stock

(14) Never invest your money based on free tips/SMS or (free/cheap trial offered by some websites) ….. If you will invest in free/cheap tips, You will soon be freed from your money… Remember, you get what you pay for…. By investing in Free/cheap tips, you save advisory fees but you put all your portfolio at risk….You save some money but you lose peaceful sleep…. I will tell you how this trap of ‘Free/cheap’ trial works….. I have heard that some websites offer free trials to investors and then pump the stock price up 10-15% in next few days…. Then they ask those same investors to subscribe for their paid services…. Investors subscribe for their paid services because previous free trial gave them some returns ….. And then those paid stocks fall heavily…. Govt is also planning to ban these ‘Free Trial’ offers because perhaps Govt is also aware of wrongdoing of some websites…..So ‘Free/cheap’ tips can cost you heavily in stock market…..Never invest your money based on tip providers calling you on your mobile or based on SMS received on your mobile…. Also, never invest your money based on your stock broker’s advice.

(15) Never ever do Intraday Trading or Intraday Futures & Options trading…. You can never make money consistently in trading… Eventually you will lose all your money in intraday trading…  And even if due to some miracle you made money in intraday trading, you will have to pay fees to your intraday tips provider regularly, brokerage to your broker and 15% tax to government !!… In long term Investing, you don’t need to pay for tips regularly, some brokerage house like Zerodha takes zero brokerage on stocks bought for long term, and govt takes less tax on stocks bought for long term !!

(16) Last but not the least, I observed that investors always hesitate to sell their holding when they are in loss in that particular stock…. Investors should understand that Fair value of a stock keep changing with the change in company fundamentals and external economic environment….. Markets has nothing to do with ‘your buying price’ of a stock…. A stock will not recover from low level just because you are in loss !!…. There are investors who bought Unitech at 500 Rs and did not sell at 400  ‘just because they were in loss’…. Those investors are biting the dust now because Unitech is at 2 Rs now…. So if after some time of buying a stock on your own research you realize that you made a mistake, it is better to sell and cut your losses….. That loss will be recovered in other Quality stocks suggested by experts.

If investors will keep in mind the above mentioned investment principles, then they will do good in stock markets…. Happy Investing..!!““

My Buy Calls History till 2021 is as Below (Based on Peak price touched after buy call of Manish Goel in 2014, as independent Research Analyst

Buy Call at Mold Tek Packaging at 19 taking 2:1 split into factor Multiplied 45 times in 7 yrs
Buy Call at KPR Mills at 10 taking 10:1 split into factor Multiplied 100 times in 9 yrs
Buy Call at Global Education ltd at 85 Multiplied 7 times in 7 Months
Buy call at Chaman Lal at 5.5 taking 5:1 split & 1:10 Bonus into factor Multiplied 41 times in 4 yrs
Buy call at Maithan Alloys at 33 (taking 1:1 Bonus into factor) Multiplied 50 times in 8 yrs
Buy Call at Swiss Glascoat at 38 Multibagger 200 times in 7 yrs
Buy call at Haldyn Glass at 11 Multibagger 5 times in 4 yrs
Buy call at Roxy Exports (Remedium Lifecare) at 3 Rs (Taking Split/Bonus into factor) Multibagger 300 times in 5 yrs


Manish Goel

(Redefining Investing…)


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Rikesh Shah
Aug 31, 2023
 by Rikesh Shah

I m since long time in Market but was fail n Was watching Manish Goyal Website since 5 years n My luck favour n Join Service on 15 March 2023 n M Impress the way Stock r Going one of d script i got double wid in 2 month n Now i Built up the Confidence tht Surely i will fulfill my wish to Become a Billionaire wid Multibaggers Shares security n in last The Relationship Manager always given postive energy to me n they follow up r to good Thanks Manish Goel for Creating Wealth for me now M Out of tense My dream is to Meet You Hope we meet early Thanks one Again for Recommendation for Stock

Nandkishor Bagree
May 12, 2023
 by Nandkishor Bagree

I joined this service about 90 days ago. It seems the recommendations are working well even in the turbulent market and as on date, the appreciation appearing in the stocks value already surpassed the fee what I paid.

Feb 9, 2023
 by Lakshmanarao

I joined this service about 15days ago. It seems the recommendations are working well even in the turbulent market and as on date, the appreciation appearing in the stocks value already surpassed the fee what I paid. Continuous follow up by the relationship manager is giving confidence. Hope their services will create wealth to all the subscribers.

Sep 20, 2022

Dear sir namaskar Manish sir multibaggershares securities pvt ltd
stock recommendation is very excellent for future benefits thanku for all team members

Sep 20, 2022
 by kamal

highly impressive. all the scripts are flying,
my portfolio increased by 30% in just 3 months...
thank uuu verrry... muccchh... manish goyal saahab... hatttss... offf... to u 1s again sir...

Jul 16, 2022
 by Raghava

Hi all, I am Raghava. I tapped into multibagger website when I was googling for multibagger. To be honest, though reviews were hooked onto my thoughts I ignored it for almost 4 months. Later I had done my research and started feeling sad. Yes … sad … because I wasted precious 4 months when the market was down. Without wasting a day I immediately subscribed to it. It’s been a month I subscribed and my P&L is up by 14%. Team at Multibagger are proactive. They talk to me almost alternate day & I hope they continue to do that. Thank you to the team. I sincerely advise those people who fall short of time to understand stocks, can start engaging with Multibagger instantly.

Dec 2, 2021
 by BrajeshRaj

Hats off to you Manish sir! Amazing experience to go through this site. Will contact you shortly.

Syed Kaleemullah Hussaini
Dec 1, 2021
 by Syed Kaleemullah Hussaini

Manish Goyal san I am a Japanese language guest faculty in Hyderabad I taught in central universities in Hyderabad. I lost lacs of my hard earned money in short terms and intraday trades and stopped trading. I was going thru the net and saw your multibagger recommendations extremely successfull. God has given you the gift. Now I want to invest in small quantities for longterm. Plz help onegaishimasu

Sep 11, 2021
 by Bhumit

The most difficult thing in this changing world is making money & You made it so easy..Past Performance is like "Never Seen Before" for us. Keep going & be grateful for your followers because now they have started following you blindly and Trust you more than a god.. Thanks

Jul 8, 2021


Salute. I 100pc agree with your views and research techniques. You are great Sir.

Thanks and regards.

Gopalakrishnan. N
Jul 3, 2021
 by Gopalakrishnan. N

Excellent advice.

Raj Upadhyay
May 14, 2021
 by Raj Upadhyay

CA Goyal has helped a lot of people make money in the stock market. He has yet again identified multibaggers for us. Best wishes & all the best!

May 10, 2021
 by Kanagraj

Highly reliable service and awesome stock selection. One of the safest way to invest in stocks.

Yogesh Sarda
May 7, 2021
 by Yogesh Sarda

If you are a long term investor... You are at right place.... Please go ahead with Manish's recommendations without any doubt in your mind...

Mar 12, 2021

Dear Mr. Goyal, Your 12 commandments really impressive and as claimd by you even your past recommendations seem to be EXCELLENT. I, a Very Senior citizen
In Stock market for over Half century , am impressed and expect that your future
MUltibaggar recommendations also prove your past. BLessings.

Rajesh k.Jain
Feb 4, 2021
 by Rajesh k.Jain

Sir,I Like your thinking in stock market.Your study & Right time Right Disigen,
Explain method.I am attract your study &Long view vision. Thanks

Jan 3, 2021

Dear Manish ji.
Your skill of picking Multi Bagger stocks is really Awesome. Some of your stocks multi folded within few weeks. Our biggest challenge in grabbing stocks soon you recommend, stocks reach upper circuit within few seconds. I have full confidence that my investment will be multiplied 5-10 times within 5-7 years. I highly recommend to avail the service of Mr.Manish's stock recommendations.
Several times your recommended stocks hits upper circuit even when SENSEX is moving in South direction. I am really grateful to you for your valuable service. Keep guiding us. Also thanks for advising on our whole Portfolio and I really appreciate your dedication.
Thank you again.

Nilesh Kumar
Nov 30, 2020
 by Nilesh Kumar

best guide for long term investor

Nov 20, 2020

Good Great analyst

Oct 14, 2020


Shankhjit Srimani
Aug 19, 2020
 by Shankhjit Srimani

I have known Manishji for quite some time (though virtually), but would really acknowledge his great stock picking skills and selecting true multibaggers... his picks are fundamentally sound and generate exceptional returns in long terms !!... Please continue helping us Manishji !...

Roopa Srinivas
May 1, 2020
 by Roopa Srinivas

Highly reliable service in stock market world.

Arta Senapati
Mar 27, 2020
 by Arta Senapati

Thanks to manish Ji, as name COOL COOL return also great hoping.I have lost almost all money before join to him.I thought why i don't meet him before.Good JOB Sir.Your provide stocks now started rocking.Thank you.

Sanjeev Mittal
Mar 1, 2020
 by Sanjeev Mittal

I want my stocks to grow, he is the right person very well fundamentally known to stocks, can multibag

Nitin Rai
Jan 20, 2020
 by Nitin Rai

Manish's past performance is really outstanding, but I missed them all. I caught the latest opportunities with his multibagger calls. His website is awesome and very useful for retail investors who are looking for MEGA MULTIBAGGERS...Thanks Nitin

ECR Nagar
Dec 18, 2019
 by ECR Nagar

it is True Here, come with a seed (small capital) it will definetly grow before your eyes into a very BIG TREE and benifit you YEARS togeather

CA Shyam Aggarwal
Dec 10, 2019
 by CA Shyam Aggarwal

If you are a long term investor... You are at right place.... if u r not a long term investor the you should be..... Please go ahead with CA Manish Goyal recommendations without any doubt in your mind..

Nov 26, 2019
 by Deepak

To pick a multibagger stock is like searching needle in hay. And he is the gifted one to search needles from hay stack. If u have been to this site rest assured that u r at the right place at the right time.

Gautam Singh
Oct 5, 2019
 by Gautam Singh

A very informative website for equity investors. Tells us how long term investing can multiply money with relevant examples. The calls given by Mr. Goyal are awesome

Devendra Sathe
Aug 2, 2019
 by Devendra Sathe

I am a big fan of Manish ji..His recommendations have been spot on!!

Harkirat Dhingra
Jul 3, 2019
 by Harkirat Dhingra

Its been just a month since i associated with manish jee, but i can feel the difference. Even in such uncertain times, his stock recommendations are Rocking. I to be a billionaire soon. Thanks Manish Jee

Tirupathi Kumar
May 19, 2019
 by Tirupathi Kumar

This is best place to get the investment idea in stock markets. His recommendations is giving multiple return and if you follow his guidance you will become richer.

Kiki Chaterjee
Feb 17, 2019
 by Kiki Chaterjee

Manish is an excellent analyst.his recos are very good.i have a lot of confidence in him.over time of observation I have become a friend and of luck to him..kiki Chatterjee

Vinay Pandey
Dec 10, 2018
 by Vinay Pandey

Sir u have given almost all imp tips to be in market, it is valueadd advice.Thanks for it. Pls suggest few mid cap stocks for future so that my rest of life may ne secured from financial point of view.

Oct 30, 2018
 by Jijiampattu

Thank you sir for the very useful knowledge.I am a 44 year old teacher and only a few years of experience with share market.Kindly help me with your contact details.
With warm regards

Sambhu Nath Pakra
Oct 21, 2018
 by Sambhu Nath Pakra

Congratulations for sharing your experiences in the stock market. I have gone through your views and gathered knowledge of stocks market particularly in investing points of view. Please forward me two three small and midcaps script for investing. I am 61 years old and retired person and no other income except this.

CS Neha Jain
Oct 10, 2018
 by CS Neha Jain

Dear Manish Ji, It's awesome being associated with you. I had experienced many bull and bear cycles in stock market but most of the time my portfolio used to be in "RED" and eventually i had lost all my hope from the stock market. I took advice from various advisors in this field but nobody made me in profits. However, after interacting with you, i came to know that there exists honest and genuine advisor also in this field. Your picks are ultimately and beat the market with a great margin. I would like to thank you for providing me financial stability through your multibagger picks and regenerating hopes in the stock market. May god bless you...!!!

Nagaraj B C
Sep 23, 2018
 by Nagaraj B C

I came across this website. The figures just blew my mind. How can a person give 8 recommendations and all are multi baggers? I contacted him with my array of queries about this unrealistic success and subscribed immediately. Manish Ji, Thank you for giving me this opportunity to earn exponential returns and at the same time freeing up my time to do what I want to do. May God bless you and fulfil all your wishes

Asit Pal
Sep 6, 2018
 by Asit Pal

Dear Manish ji,
I would like to have your valuable advice on multibagger stocks. Kindly help me with your contact details

Kiran B Chandgude
Aug 19, 2018
 by Kiran B Chandgude

Dear Manish ji, after reading about all your experience above , i came to know the mistakes i was doing while investing in stocks , thanking you very much for sharing your experience with us. Requesting you to recommend me some quality mid-cap and small-cap stocks, for next 4-5 yrs horizon.
Warm Regards,

Shubham Aggarwal
Aug 9, 2018
 by Shubham Aggarwal

all time great adviser Mr. Manish Goyal, i made huge profit because your deep analysis and exact stock advise .thanks a alot for your tips and congratulation for getting sebi registration sir .

Alam khan
Aug 5, 2018
 by Alam khan

,Dear Manish sir,
Very good Information given by you was eyeopener, now I am at 30year old I want to invest my some funds in long term as well as some amount.please Advise
Alam khan

Aug 3, 2018
 by Ravikumar

Exelent information, but Mr.Manish sir pls also share us some info on intra day trading also, looking forward for ur valuable suggestions.
Thank you
RaviKumar M

Sanjay Kumar Das
Jul 26, 2018
 by Sanjay Kumar Das

Mr Manish Goyal is a very good advisor.I have a faith and confidence that if anyone want to make wealth from equity market, then take the advise from MG and take a nice sleep.

Jul 16, 2018
 by Anand

This is very useful for everyone. Specially for beginners. Came to know basic rules for investment..please keep recommendations as per your will be very helpful for everyone..thanks

Jul 13, 2018
 by Adnan

Gr8 lesson sir.
Please keep updating these posts and sharing multibaggers.
You have been gifted by God.
Keep up the good work.

santosh Mahabaleshwarkar
Jul 10, 2018
 by santosh Mahabaleshwarkar

Dear Manish sir,
Very good Information given by you was eyeopener, now I am at 50 year old and had diabetes so henseforth not able to continue my service. I want to invest my some funds in long term as well as some amounts in short terms which will used my monthly exp.

please Advise.

Chandan Jain
Jul 10, 2018
 by Chandan Jain

Very gud stock selection n very humble guy n responsive..

vinay krishan
Jun 30, 2018
 by vinay krishan

After getting huge loss by free sites, I got the membership of this site in April 18 & I am confident that Manish ji great RESEARCH & EXPERIENCE in stock market will make the great return.
Great advice for all investors.
Best Regards,

Raghavendra Habib
Jun 11, 2018
 by Raghavendra Habib

good calls only for patience investors !!

Rajendra nath saha
May 17, 2018
 by Rajendra nath saha

I got great lesson from you about stock market.
Thanks a lot

Arabinda Rout
Apr 28, 2018
 by Arabinda Rout

Very Important and useful tips for beginners.

Rajeev Sharma
Apr 22, 2018
 by Rajeev Sharma

I know this man since last few years when he used to give free advice. he recommended few stocks to me which I have not bought. All stocks multiplied many folds. persons looking to earn money in long term can take his advice

Mar 15, 2018

I am new in stock market.previously i losses money in stock market many time was not getting a good & accurate stock advisory. After reading every single word and understanding on this website i am speechless how MR.MANISH GOYAL is so much PERFECTIONIST with PROOF.This show this is most best & genuine stock picker & advisor in stock market.i want to join as soon as possible but the advisory is little bit high but may be it worth.YOUR ARE MY ROLE MODEL I ALSO WANT TO BE LIKE YOU

Lokesh Thootha
Mar 7, 2018
 by Lokesh Thootha

Hi guys First of all I thank Mr.Manish for his wonderfull stock selection and really hatssoff to his pick.Every person think about the money will be safe investment and most of the people will choose FD and one can blindly believe Mr.Manish goyal stocks like FD and interest of FD will be 7.5 % but for manish stocks u will not imagine the percentage simply mind blowing once u get it.So guys just simply get the stocks and invest.I am very happy to invest in this Regards

Asis Kumar Das
Feb 12, 2018
 by Asis Kumar Das

Dear Sir,
I bought Mold Tek plastics long back and still hve some shares in physical form. Is it the same stock rechristened as Mold Tek packaging? If so, can I transfer them in digital form now? I could not find Mold Tek Plastics later on.
Would you help me please?
What is the procedure to get your recommendations regularly or ask questions/ advice on some small caps I am holding?

Jan 10, 2018

Sir I read your article today, & inspire to invest small cap stock. I am very small investor me to creat wealth for future .

Nov 20, 2017
 by Mahantesh.kondaguli

Thank you sir your greatfull information

Oct 13, 2017
 by Somnath

Excellent investment principles

Oct 6, 2017
 by Pargat

Best advice in stock I'm proud feeling join multibagger stock

sanjay patidar
Sep 20, 2017
 by sanjay patidar

dear sir,
i am new in Share Market .sir i want to know Multi bigger share list of sep 2017 so plsss provie me multi bigger share

Aug 23, 2017
 by Rizwan

Excellent past performance keep it up

Aug 19, 2017

It appears that the advisory service is meant for only HNIs ( Rs. 15 lacs investment or more). What about middle class investors (investment range Rs. 5 to 7 lacs)

Jun 10, 2017
 by Sachin

This is really wonderful site for multibagger stocks & Manishji is doing great job in finding the gem stocks